Wireless Play Wireless Play

Wireless Play


  • NASCAR Rivals local multiplayer supports up to 8 players via local wireless connection


  • A copy of NASCAR Rivals is required for each player's Nintendo Switch console to participate
  • Software Update to patch version 1.0.5
    • How to install software update: The free update can be performed from the Nintendo Switch's HOME Menu through the NASCAR Rivals Options (+) via the Internet. The currently active patch version is displayed under the NASCAR Rivals title.

How to Play

  • Start the game after updating the NASCAR Rivals software to patch version 1.0.5
  • In the MULTIPLAYER menu, the lobby host will select 'WIRELESS', then press 'X' to create a multiplayer room 
    • The host can select the lobby settings including track, race length, and more
  • After a multiplayer room is created by the host, 1 to 7 other players can join the lobby